Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication

The Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication (MEJCC) provides a critical academic sphere that engages scholars of the Middle East and North Africa in a dialogue about culture, communication and politics. Engaging with pressing issues facing the region and its global diasporas, it acts as a forum for critical debate that sheds light on the politics of the everyday, popular culture, civic communication, media and journalism practices and representation, digital cultures as well as intellectual production and exchange.
The MEJCC provides a vehicle for developing the study of global communication, digitality, everyday politics and popular culture from the vantage point of the Middle East and North Africa. It encourages work that re-conceptualises dominant paradigms and theories of media and communication, and that takes a local, comparative and/ or transnational approach. The MEJCC also explicitly supports work that challenges the static and suzerain epistemological frameworks through which the region has been historically represented and perceived. The MEJCC provides a platform for rigorous peer-reviewed work, including original research papers, reviews and review articles from within and outside the region.
The MEJCC encourages original, methodologically diverse and interdisciplinary submissions from fields and disciplines as varied as anthropology, cultural studies, art criticism, cultural history, gender studies, media studies, politics and philosophy.
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