Manusya: Journal of Humanities

MANUSYA: Journal of Humanities is a peer-reviewed journal Brill publishes for Chulalongkorn University. The main objective is to provide an intellectual platform for lecturers, graduate students and researchers in the field of humanities to publish their research articles. The journal publishes papers on various issues in the humanities within the disciplines of history, philosophy, language, information studies, literature, music, dance, dramatic art, visual art, creative art, architecture, environmental design and applied art.

Open Access
To submit an article please contact the journal's Editor in Chief Amara Prasithrathsint.

Biographical Note

PITTAYAWAT PITTAYAPORN is an associate professor of Linguistics at Chulalongkorn University. He received his PhD in Linguistics from Cornell University in 2009. His research comprises various theoretical issues in historical linguistics and phonology, including tonal change, language contact, and linguistic and population prehistory. He has investigated a variety of languages in Southeast Asia and has done fieldwork in Thailand, Vietnam and China.