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An Annual on the Visual Cultures of the Islamic World

Editor-in-Chief: Gülru Necipoğlu
Founded by Oleg Grabar in 1983, Muqarnas is the first academic journal devoted to art, architectural history, archaeology, as well as all aspects of Islamic visual and material cultures, historical and contemporary. Full-length articles are accompanied by shorter submissions grouped under a separate section titled “Notes and Sources,” for which we particularly welcome studies that introduce textual and visual primary sources. Muqarnas is sponsored by the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Author: Mohit Manohar
Author: Laura E. Parodi
Author: Sihem Lamine
Author: Ridha Moumni
Author: Jacobé Huet
Author: Anaïs Leone