Editorial Board:
H. Perry Chapman (University of Delaware), Eric Jorink (Huygens ING and Leiden University), Ann-Sophie Lehmann (University of Groningen), Stephanie Porras (Tulane University), Bart Ramakers (University of Groningen), Thijs Weststeijn (Utrecht University), Joanna Woodall (Courtauld Institute of Art), Edward H. Wouk (University of Manchester)

Advisory Board:
Dagmar Eichberger, Reindert Falkenburg, Ann Goldgar, Elizabeth Honig, Joseph Leo Koerner, Debora Meijers, Eric Jan Sluijter, Pamela H. Smith, Katlijne Van der Stighelen, Jan van der Stock, Mariët Westermann
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All interested in the history of Netherlandish art and culture.

Netherlands Yearbook for History of Art / Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek Online

An online publication containing all volumes of the Netherlands Yearbook for History of Art/Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek (NKJ). For this online edition all volumes (dating back to 1947) have been digitized and are now available to subscribers, for the period of their subscription. The online publication is updated annually with the most recent yearbook.

Founded in 1947 the NKJ is a peer-reviewed journal, which has established an international reputation for publishing outstanding articles that reflect the variety and diversity of approaches to the study of Netherlandish art and culture. The NKJ aims to foster traditional art historical scholarship and to open up the field to innovative cross disciplinary developments. Each volume has been dedicated to a particular theme.

Latest Articles

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Fellowship and familiarity in Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini portrait
Amicable exchanges in Cornelis Everaert’s Play of a jubilee
Author: Bart Ramakers
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Friendship and collaboration in the circle of Netherlandish artists at the Munich court of Wilhelm V
Author: Alice Zamboni