Rural China

An International Journal of History and Social Science 中国乡村研究

Editor: Philip Huang
Vol. 10 No. 1 is available free online, please click here.
Rural China is the sister journal of Modern China.
Rural China, now in its tenth year of publication, is a multidisciplinary journal that focuses on the past and present of China’s 900 million (registered) peasants (including peasant migrant workers in the towns and cities), their families and communities, and their interactions with the urban world. It publishes the best mainland Chinese and international scholarship from the disciplines of history, anthropology and sociology, and economics, political science and law, as well as other allied disciplines such as demography and geography, art and literature, public health, and comparative studies. As the first truly bilingual journal in Chinese studies, it will henceforth include both Chinese and English scholarly articles based on new research and/or new interpretations of old research. The journal has an international editorial board of distinguished scholars who help referee articles. Its targeted audience is the global community of China studies both within and outside China. It should be of interest to both scholars and advanced students, specialists and informed readers, as well as policy makers.
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Villager Groups and Self-Governance in China: Power, Incentives, and Risk Prevention
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Deagrarianization and Depeasantization: A Dynamic Process of Transformation in Rural China
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The Living Conditions and Social Mobility of Rural Households in Yanshan County, Hebei, 1900–1950