Review of Central and East European Law

The quarterly Review of Central and East European Law (RCEEL) critically examines issues of legal doctrine and practice in the region. An important aspect of this is, for example, the harmonization of legal principles and rules; another facet is the legal impact of the intertwining of domestic economies, on the one hand, with regional economies and the processes of international trade and investment on the other. The RCEEL offers a forum for discussion of topical questions of public and private law from domestic, regional, and international perspectives. The RCEEL encourages comparative research; it is hoped that, in this way, additional insights in legal developments can be communicated to those interested in questions, not only of law, but also of politics, economics, and of society of countries in the region.
The Review of Central and East European Law is published in cooperation with the Universities of Graz and Tartu as well as Leiden University.
The Web of Science Scientific Journal Citation Report for 2018 ranks the Review of Central and East European Law with an Impact Factor of 0.54.
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Before the name Review of Central and Eastern European Law was introduced in 1992 this publication was published under the name Review of Socialist Law.

Latest Articles

Authors: Marko Davinić and Vuk Cucić
Author: Anton Kazun

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