Brill Research Perspectives in Religion and Politics

Editor-in-Chief: Jocelyne Cesari
Brill Research Perspectives in Religion and Politics has two main goals. Firstly, it aims to provide a platform for the burgeoning scholarship on religion and politics that cannot find visibility within the constricted boundaries of either religious studies or political science. Secondly, it seeks to examine topics that are intensely debated in the public space from an objective, data-driven perspective. In doing so, it will offer alternatives to ideological or partisan positions particularly within hotly debated topics such as violence and politics, human rights, or democracy and secularism. In order to achieve these goals, the series will give priority to research that addresses contemporary debates on religion and politics in a particular national or regional context or in a comparative way across religions or political contexts.

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Jocelyne Cesari, University of Birmingham and Georgetown University

Associate Editors
Nicholas Adams, University of Birmingham
Francesca Cadeddu, Fondazione per le scienze religiose "Giovanni xxiii"
Shaun Casey, Georgetown University
Jonathan Fox, Bar Ilan University
Mirjam Künkler, Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study
Fabio Petito, University of Sussex
Erin Wilson, University of Groningen