Brill Research Perspectives in Religion and Psychology

Editor-in-Chief: Ralph W. Hood
As of 2021, Brill Research Perspectives in Religion and Psychology is no longer published as a journal by Brill, but will continue as a book series. Brill Research Perspectives in Religion and Psychology presents extended articles focused on theory and the integration of empirical data that bridge the gap between humanities studies and those of psychological science. Firm boundaries associated with disciplines concerned with religion and psychology are difficult to define and rapidly developing research strategies are in need of critical in-depth presentation that explores how various approaches to psychology are contributing to a broader understanding of religion in what some have claimed is a secular and others a post-secular age.

This series will be directed to a wide audience of students, scholars, and active researchers seeking up-to-date information on the diversity of approaches and methods that psychologists are applying to illuminate the wide range of phenomenon that either define or are associated with religion in individual cultures and globally. Published quarterly, each peer-reviewed issue will consist of one uniquely focused article of approximately 40,000 words. Individual issues will also be made available as a standalone book in both print and electronic format.
Ralph W. Hood, Jr., University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, USA

Associate Editors
Mohammad Khodayarifard, University of Tehran
Tomas Lindgren, Umeå Universitet
Tatjana Schnell, Universität Innsbruck
Katarzyna Skrzypińska, University of Gdańsk
W. Paul Williamson, Henderson State