Seeing and Perceiving

A Journal of Multisensory Science

From 2013 Seeing and Perceiving is continued as Multisensory Research. See for more information.
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Action Editors D. Alais Sydney, N.S.W., Australia A. Amedi Jerusalem, Israel D. Angelaki St. Louis, MS W.F. Bischof Edmonton, Alberta P. Cavanagh Paris S. Chung Berkeley, CA M. Ernst Bielefeld M. Ferraro Turin D.H. Foster Manchester M. Goodale Western Ontario, ON A. Gorea Paris N. Graham New York, NY M. Landy New York Z.-L. Lu Columbus, OH F. Newell Dublin, Ireland A. Oliva Cambridge, MA B. Pinna Sassari D.M. Regan North York, Ont. B. Roeder Hamburg C. Spence Oxford B. Stein Winston-Salem, NC J.M. Wolfe Cambridge, MA S. Wuerger Liverpool, UK