Seeing and Perceiving

A Journal of Multisensory Science

Editor-in-Chief: Laurence R. Harris
Need support prior to submitting your manuscript? Make the process of preparing and submitting a manuscript easier with Brill's suite of author services, an online platform that connects academics seeking support for their work with specialized experts who can help. Please note that starting in 2013 Seeing and Perceiving will become Multisensory Research (MSR). Should your article eventually be accepted, it will be published in Multisensory Research. For more information, see Seeing and Perceiving, the continuation of Spatial Vision, is an interdisciplinary archival journal covering human and mammalian perception and the underlying brain mechanisms. A broad approach to perception is encouraged, including multisensory integration involving vision, the study of perception and action, and the cognitive, attentive, adaptive, and memory aspects of perception. Empirical, clinical, mathematical and computational analyses are welcome. Theory is expected to be empirically constrained and empirical work to be theoretically relevant. Short communications and technical notes that draw attention to new developments are welcome, as are reviews and commentaries on current issues. Special Issues dealing with a single topic will be announced from time to time. Seeing and Perceiving Travel Bursary Brill is pleased to announce the Seeing and Perceiving Travel Bursary in honor of Adam Reeves at the occasion of his retirement as Editor-in-Chief of the journal. There will be one bursary of US$ 400 awarded annually to help a student attend a conference that deals with a topic covered by Seeing and Perceiving. Thomson Scientific’s Journal Citations Report for 2011 ranks Seeing and Perceiving, with an Impact Factor of 1.182. Members of the Vision Sciences Society can subscribe to the 2011 Volume of Seeing and Perceiving at the special individual e-only member subscription rate of US$ 84 (EUR 62).
Action Editors D. Alais Sydney, N.S.W., Australia A. Amedi Jerusalem, Israel D. Angelaki St. Louis, MS W.F. Bischof Edmonton, Alberta P. Cavanagh Paris S. Chung Berkeley, CA M. Ernst Bielefeld M. Ferraro Turin D.H. Foster Manchester M. Goodale Western Ontario, ON A. Gorea Paris N. Graham New York, NY M. Landy New York Z.-L. Lu Columbus, OH F. Newell Dublin, Ireland A. Oliva Cambridge, MA B. Pinna Sassari D.M. Regan North York, Ont. B. Roeder Hamburg C. Spence Oxford B. Stein Winston-Salem, NC J.M. Wolfe Cambridge, MA S. Wuerger Liverpool, UK
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