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Emanuel Tov, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Editorial Board
Ignacio Carbajosa San Dámaso University, Madrid
Kristin De Troyer University of Salzburg
Armin Lange University of Vienna
Noam Mizrahi Hebrew University
Jordan S. Penkower Bar-Ilan University
Frank H. Polak Tel Aviv University
Alexander Rofé Hebrew University
Lawrence Schiffman New York University
Michael Segal Hebrew University
Andrew Teeter Harvard University
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A Journal on Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible

Founded by the Hebrew University Bible Project in 1960, from 2018 onwards Textus will continue on a wider basis with more international exposure. The establishing of an international editorial board consisting of internationally recognized experts in various sub-disciplines of textual criticism, secures the high quality of the studies to be published in this journal.

The importance of the discipline of textual criticism received an enormous boost from the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, showing that the study of these ancient documents is absolutely necessary for the exegesis of Biblical literature. Textus covers that area as well as many additional ones, pertaining to all the fields that are traditionally studied by textual critics:

• All the sub-areas relating to the text of the Hebrew Bible in antiquity and the Middle Ages, the Masorah, its vocalization and accents
• The Bible texts found in the Judean Desert as well as manuscript studies on these texts
• Primary translations of the Hebrew Bible, each in its own cultural and linguistic environment
• Secondary translations of the Bible, each in its own cultural environment
• Textual analysis of words, segments or books in Hebrew and translated Scripture
• History of research on text-critical issues
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Latest Issue

A Newly Discovered Fragment of the Book of Zechariah from the Greek Minor Prophets Scroll (8ḤevXIIgr)
Author: Hila Dayfani
Rhetorical Device or Scribal Error?
Author: Leeor Gottlieb
Author: Jerome A. Lund