Jan Dullaert of Ghent on the Foundations of Propositional Logic

In: Vivarium
Author: Miroslav Hanke1
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  • 1 The Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic

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Jan Dullaert (1480-1513) was a direct student of John Mair and a teacher of Gaspar Lax, Juan de Celaya, and Juan Luis Vives. His commentary on Aristotle’s Peri Hermeneias addresses the foundations of propositional logic, including a detailed analysis of conditionals (following Paul of Venice’s Logica magna) and the semantics of logical connectives (conjunction, disjunction, and implication). Dullaert’s propositional logic is limited to the immediate implications of the semantics of these connectives, i.e., their introduction and elimination rules. In the same context, he discusses several alternative treatments of semantic paradoxes, paying most attention to the approaches derived from Martin Le Maistre (based on the idea that sentential meaning is closed under entailment) and John Mair (based on the idea that self-falsifying sentences are false).