Nazi Propaganda Periodicals in the Library of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

Source Materials on Modern German Anti-Semitism, National Socialism and the Holocaust

Nazi Propaganda Periodicals in the Library of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
Source materials on modern German anti-semitism, National Socialism and the Holocaust

In his award winning work, The Jewish Enemy: Nazi Propaganda During World War II and the Holocaust (Harvard University Press, 2006), Professor Jeffrey Herf of the University of Maryland wrote: “During World War II anyone in Nazi Germany who regularly read a newspaper, listened to the radio, or walked past the Nazi political posters between 1941 and 1943 knew of the threats and boasts of the Nazi regime about intentions to exterminate European Jews, followed by public assertions that it was implementing that policy. Claims of ignorance regarding the murderous intentions and assertions of making good on such threats defy the evidence, logic, and common sense. With confidence we can say that millions and millions of Germans were told on many occasions that the Jews had begun a war to exterminate the Germans, but that the Nazi regime was exterminating the Jews instead.”
Now in this new collection of Nazi Propaganda Periodicals from the Library of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research we are able to explore these themes in greater detail. Of the approximate 6100 volumes that comprise YIVO’s unique Nazi Propaganda Collection, 1293 where made available on microfiche (Nazi Propaganda Literature in 2002. The new installment adds approximately 300 journals and newspaper titles to that collection.
Included in this new collection are a number of extremely rare publications from Nazi occupied Europe including, for example, Donareuropa published in Budapest from 1941–1944; Volk in Osten published in Bucharest, Romania (1941); the complete runs of the Verordungsblatt for Bohemia, Moravia and Luxembourg; two years of the Italien Beobachter (Rome, 1937–1938) and the Zurich based Schweizerische Monatshefte (1940–1944), among other titles. Altogether the Nazi Propaganda Periodicals collection includes materials from 17 countries, 14 of which were under direct Nazi occupation. While the vast majority of the publications are in German there are a significant number of French, Latvian, Estonian, and Russian titles, reflecting Nazi attempts to secure the cooperation of local populations.
As Zachary M. Baker, Reinhard Curator of Judaica and Hebraica at Stanford University pointed out in 1997, “the significance of YIVO’s Nazi propaganda collection lies not merely in its size, but also in the rarity –in numerous cases, the uniqueness –of the items it encompasses. Many of the titles in the collection are found in only a few American libraries.”

Carl J. Rheins, Ph.D., Executive Director YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

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