History of Global Christianity (3 Vols.)

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History of Global Christianity deals with the history of Christianity and its global development over the past five centuries. Going above and beyond the subject of church history, it deals with the cultural role of Christianity in its widest sense: from the many interactions of Christianity within society, politics, economics, philosophy and the arts, to the myriad of ventures that form civilizations, nations, and communities. How did Christianity involve itself in these overarching structures of human life?

The reference work aims to trace the history of the global shift experienced by Christianity between the sixteenth century and the present day. Starting as a localized religion in Europe and Russia with small outposts in other parts of the world, that shift proceeded via missionary efforts that were accompanied by economic forces, movements of conquest, and trends of migration in its evolution toward the current stage: its demographic centers no longer only in the Northern Hemisphere, but most assuredly in the South as well.

This project consists of three volumes. The first volume deals with the European state of affairs from the sixteenth until the eighteenth century. The second volume focuses on the nineteenth century, and the third volume discusses the history and role of Christianity in the twentieth century.

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Biographical Note

Jens Holger Schjørring, Dr. Theol. (Aarhus University), is Professor of Church History emeritus at Aarhus University, Denmark. His publications include Theologische Gewissensethik und politische Wirklichkeit: Das Beispiel Eduard Geismars und Emmanuel Hirschs (1979) and Ökumenische Perspektiven des deutschen Kirchenkampfes (1985) and studies of the relationship between African and European churches and those of Eastern Europe under Communist rule.

Norman A. Hjelm, Teol.Dr. (h.c.) (Uppsala University, 2009), has been senior theological editor and director of Fortress Press in the United States, an executive with the Lutheran World Federation in Geneva, Switzerland, and an ecumenical officer for the National Council of Churches in the U.S. Most recently he has contributed to The Finnish and Estonian Churches during the Cold War (2016) and to The North American Christian Community and the Cold War (2017).

Kevin Ward is a Senior Lecturer in African Religious Studies at the University of Leeds, U.K.. He focuses on the history and spirituality of Christianity in East Africa.

Review Quotes

"Drie eeuwen christendom, past dat in één boek? Elf kerkhistorici is het gelukt om een spade dieper te gaan dan veel andere auteurs doen in hun kerkhistorische overzichten. Zo is er aandacht voor een breed scala aan onderwerpen, zoals het katholicisme in Spanje, Portugal en de nieuw ontdekte gebieden in Amerika en de Filipijnen (Delgado); de groeiende macht van de Russische kerk (Brüning); het christendom in Afrika (Ward) en Azië (Hsia) en de christelijke gemeenschappen in Noord-Amerika (Stievermann)."

[Translated into English] "Three centuries of Christianity, does that fit into one book? Eleven church historians have managed to go a bit deeper than many other authors do in their church history overviews. The [first] volume includes a wide range of topics, such as Catholicism in Spain, Portugal. and the newly discovered areas in America and the Philippines (Delgado), the growing influence of the Russian church (Brüning), Christianity in Africa (Ward) and Asia (Hsia) and the Christian communities in North America (Stievermann)." Maarten Stolk, in: Reformatorisch Dagblad, 23 March 2018.


All interested in the global history of Christianity, its expansion, its relationships to societies and civilizations, and its internal confessional development. Undergraduate and postgraduate students, and students and specialists in history, culture, and ecclesiology.