Encyclopedia of Jewish History and Culture (7 vol. Set)

Series:  Encyclopedia of Jewish History and Culture
From Europe and America to the Middle East, North Africa and other non-European Jewish settlement areas, the Encyclopedia of Jewish History and Culture covers the recent history of the Jewish people from 1750 through the 1950s. Originally published in German as the Enzyklopädie jüdischer Geschichte und Kultur by J.B. Metzler Verlag (Stuttgart/Weimar) in 2011 the work includes approximately 800 entries that present the state of international research and reveal a complex portrait of Jewish life — illuminated by many maps and illustrations. Central themes convey information on topics such as autonomy, exile, emancipation, literature, liturgy, music, and science of Judaism. The encyclopedia provides knowledge in an overall context and offers academics and other interested readers new insights into Jewish history and culture. The work is an outstanding contribution to the understanding of Judaism and modernity.

The first volume of the English edition will appear in 2017 with subsequent volumes following in due course. The volumes may be purchased individually as they appear or as a set once all 7 are available. Both the German and the English editions will also be available online.

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Volume 1
Editor’s Note to the English Edition
Perspectives and Findings
Periodization of Jewish History
Themes of Jewish Modernity
Disciplines and Themes

Instructions on Use
Transcription and Spelling
Citation Guide to Biblical and Rabbinical Literature
List of Articles
List of Authors
List of Translators
List of Images and Maps