Critical Readings on the Liberal Democratic Party in Japan (4 vols.)

Series:  Critical Readings
Editor: Robert Pekkanen
This work collects decades of the best published scholarship in English on the unequivocally most successful political party in Japanese history: the Liberal Democratic Party (the LDP). Governing Japan for almost the entirety of the post-war period, the LDP also has a claim to be the most successful political party in any post-war democracy. Seminal articles in this collection explore the key aspects of the LDP: the party’s evolution since its founding in 1955; key facets of the LDP’s internal organization including factions and koenkai; the LDP in policy-making, including its relationship with the bureaucracy and interest groups, as well as its policy-making committee apparatus; and, party leadership, including the premierships of Junichiro Koizumi and Shinzo Abe.

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Robert J. Pekkanen (Ph.D. 2002, Harvard) is Professor at the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington (Seattle, USA). Pekkanen has published widely on the LDP, including in the American Political Science Review and coauthored The Rise and Fall of Japan's LDP (2011), and coedited The Oxford Handbook of Electoral Systems (2018) and Japan Decides 2017: The Japanese General Election (2018).
All interested in Japanese politics.

Robert J. Pekkanen

Part 1 The Origin and Development of the LDP

1 The Creation of the Liberal Democratic Party in 1955
Masaru Kohno

2 The LDP
Masumi Junnosuke

3 Political Parties
Hitoshi Abe, Muneyuki Shindō and Sadafumi Kawato

4 Tanaka Kakuei, Structural Corruption, and the Advent of Machine Politics in Japan
Chalmers Johnson

5 The Evolution of the LDP’s Intraparty Politics
Masaru Kohno

6 Rational Foundations for the Organization of the Liberal Democratic Party in Japan
Masaru Kohno

7 Creative Conservatism: Public Policy in Japan
T. J. Pempel

8 Party Organization
J. Mark Ramseyer and Frances M. Rosenbluth

9 The Conservative Policy Line and the Development of Patterned Pluralism
Michio Muramatsu and Ellis S. Krauss

10 Conclusion: Democracy without Competition
Ethan Scheiner

11 The Politics of Party: The Liberal Democrats and their Rivals
J. A. A. Stockwin

12 Epilogue: LDP Rule in the 1980s
Masumi Junnosuke

13 Introduction: Uncommon Democracies: The One-Party Dominant Regimes
T. J. Pempel

14 Over-Nominating Candidates, Undermining the Party: The Collective Action Problem under SNTV in Japan
Kuniaki Nemoto, Robert Pekkanen and Ellis Krauss

15 Party Strategy or Candidate Strategy: How Does the LDP Run the Right Number of Candidates in Japan’s Multi-Member Districts?
Steven R. Reed

16 Manipulating Electoral Rules to Manufacture Single-Party Dominance
Kenneth Mori McElwain

Part 2 The Pillars of the LDP

A The Koenkai

17 The Politics of Party Endorsement
Gerald L. Curtis

18 The Kōenkai
Hitoshi Abe, Muneyuki Shindō and Sadafumi Kawato

19 Organizing One’s Support Base under the SNTV: The Case of Japanese Koenkai
Jean-Marie Bouissou

20 The Effect of Electoral Reforms on Campaign Practices in Japan: Putting New Wine into Old Bottles
Ray Christensen

21 The Liberal Democratic Party in Time
Ellis S. Krauss and Robert J. Pekkanen

22 The Kōenkai: Origins and Development of a Vote-Mobilization Machine
Ellis S. Krauss and Robert J. Pekkanen

23 The Liberal Democratic Party Out of Time?
Ellis S. Krauss and Robert J. Pekkanen

24 How a Diet Member’s Koenkai Adapts to Social and Political Changes
Otake Hideo

b Factions

25 The Factions
Nathaniel B. Thayer

26 Factional Competition for the Party Endorsement: The Case of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party
Gary W. Cox and Frances M. Rosenbluth

27 Factional Dynamics in Japan’s LDP since Political Reform: Continuity and Change
Cheol Hee Park

C Personnel Management and the Policy-Making Process

28 Making a Cabinet
Nathaniel B. Thayer

29 The Liberal Democratic Party
John Creighton Campbell

30 The Specter of Crisis
Kent E. Calder

31 The Liberal Democratic Party: The Organization of Political Power
Gerald L. Curtis

32 From Pork to Policy: The Rise of Programmatic Campaigning in Japanese Elections
Amy Catalinac

33 The Prime Minister and Party Politics: The LDP and the Opposition
Kenji Hayao

34 Nukaga Fukushiro: Climbing the Ladder to Influence
Yamada Masahiro

Part 3 Electoral Reform and the LDP

35 The End of One-Party Dominance
Gerald L. Curtis

36 Regime Shift: Japanese Politics in a Changing World Economy
T. J. Pempel

37 Forces for Political Reform: The Liberal Democratic Party’s Young Reformers and Ozawa Ichirō
Otake Hideo

38 Electoral Incentives in Mixed-Member Systems: Party, Posts, and Zombie Politicians in Japan
Robert Pekkanen, Benjamin Nyblade and Ellis S. Krauss

39 Party and Voter Dealignment: The LDP System Disintegrates
Ikuo Kabashima and Gill Steel

40 Electoral Incentives and Policy Preferences: Mixed Motives Behind Party Defections in Japan
Steven R. Reed and Ethan Scheiner

Part 4 The LDP after the End of the “’55 System”

A The Development of the LDP after the End of the “’55 System”

41 The Rise and Fall of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party
Ellis S. Krauss and Robert J. Pekkanen

42 The Liberal Democratic Party at 50: Sources of Dominance and Changes in the Koizumi Era
Patrick Köllner

43 Locating the LDP and Koizumi in Policy Space: A Party System Ripe for Realignment
Leonard Schoppa

44 Storming the Castle: The Battle for Postal Reform in Japan
Patricia L. Maclachlan

45 Explaining Party Adaptation to Electoral Reform: The Discreet Charm of the LDP?
Ellis S. Krauss and Robert Pekkanen

46 Representation and Policymaking under LDP Administrations in the Post-1955 System
Ikuo Kabashima and Gill Steel

47 Conservatives and their Allies
Ian Neary

48 Between Pork and Productivity: The Collapse of the Liberal Democratic Party
T. J. Pempel

49 Avoiding a Two-Party System: The Liberal Democratic Party versus Duverger’s Law
Steven R. Reed and Kay Shimizu

50 The Liberal Democratic Party: An Explanation of Its Successes and Failures
Steven R. Reed

51 The Evolution of the LDP’s Electoral Strategy: Towards a More Coherent Political Party
Steven R. Reed

52 Japanese Politics under the LDP
Tomohito Shinoda

53 The Liberal Democratic Party: Still the Most Powerful Party in Japan
Ronald J. Hrebenar and Akira Nakamura

B The LDP under Prime Minister Jun’ichiro Koizumi

54 How Junichiro Koizumi Seized the Leadership of Japans Liberal Democratic Party
Ikuo Kabashima and Gill Steel

55 Koizumi’s Failed Revolution
Aurelia George Mulgan

56 Policy Dissension and Party Discipline: The July 2005 Vote on Postal Privatization in Japan
Kuniaki Nemoto, Ellis Krauss and Robert Pekkanen

57 Koizumi’s Top-Down Leadership in the Anti-Terrorism Legislation: The Impact of Political Institutional Changes
Tomohito Shinoda

58 Grading Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi’s Revolution: How Far Has the LDP’s Policymaking Changed?
Ko Mishima

C The LDP under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

59 The Abe Effect and Domestic Politics
Takashi Terada

60 The LDP’s Path Back to Power
Masahisa Endo, Robert Pekkanen, and Steven R. Reed

61 The LDP: Return to Dominance? Or a Golden Age Built on Sand?
Masahisa Endo and Robert J. Pekkanen

62 Epilogue: Developments under the Abe Cabinet
Tomohito Shinoda

63 Japan in 2014: All about Abe
Robert J. Pekkanen and Saadia M. Pekkanen

64 Japan in 2015: More about Abe
Robert J. Pekkanen and Saadia M. Pekkanen