Studies in Ancient Medicine Online

Series:  Studies in Ancient Medicine Online
This collection includes all volumes of the series Studies in Ancient Medicine up until 2019 (volume 1 up and until volume 52). Among scholars of ancient medicine, Studies in Ancient Medicine Online is considered a leading series of monographs, critical editions, translations and commentaries on medical texts, next to collective volumes on the theory and practice of public and private medicine in Antiquity and the Middle Ages, drawing on written sources and other historical and archaeological evidence.

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Edited by John Scarborough (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Philip J. van der Eijk (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Ann Ellis Hanson (Yale University), Joseph Ziegler (University of Haifa)
The series is intended for readers with interests in Classics, Ancient History, Ancient Philosophy, Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, History of Medicine and Science, Intellectual History, Byzantium, Islam, as well as for those whose professional involvement in medical practice gives them an interest in the history and traditions of their field.