Novum Testamentum Supplements Online, Supplement 2019

Series:  Novum Testamentum Supplements Online, Volume: 2019
Supplement 2019 to the online collection of Brill’s flagship series in New Testament Studies ( Novum Testamentum, Supplements) presenting monographs and collections of essays that make original contributions to the field of New Testament studies. This includes text-critical, philological and exegetical studies, and investigations which seek to situate early Christian texts (both canonical and non-canonical) and theology in the broader context of Jewish and Graeco-Roman history, culture, religion and literature.

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Executive Editors:
M.M. Mitchell (Chicago) and D.P. Moessner (Fort Worth)
Editorial Board:
H.W. Attridge (New Haven), C. Breytenbach (Berlin), J.K. Elliott (Leeds), C. Gerber (Hamburg), C.R. Holladay (Atlanta), D. Marguerat (Lausanne), M.J.J. Menken (Tilburg), J.C. Thom (Stellenbosch), P. Trebilco (Dunedin), C. Tuckett (Oxford), J. Verheyden (Leuven)