2019 Brill Online Journal Collection / Humanities and Social Sciences

The 2019 Brill Online Humanities & Social Sciences Journal Collection gives access to the online content available back to the year 2000 of Brill´s 2019 Humanities & Social Sciences journal program.

Features and benefits
  • full text search
  • extensive linking
  • navigation tools
  • full text PDF downloads
  • saving and printing facilities
  • COUNTER compliant usage statistics

  • In 2019 Brill offers the following Journal Collections:

    • Brill Journal Collection (offers access to Brill’s complete 2019 journal program)
    • Brill Humanities & Social Sciences Journal Collection
    • Brill International Law & Human Rights Journal Collection
    • Brill Biology Journal Collection
    • Brill Religious Studies Journal Collection
    • Brill Middle East & Islamic Studies Journal Collection
    • Brill Research Perspectives Journal Collection

    The Brill Journal Collections are hosted on Brill.com and access is offered to all online available content back to the year 2000.

: Institutional e-only subscription

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