Arts, Creativities, and Learning Environments in Global Perspectives

Series Editors: Tatiana Chemi, Chunfang Zhou, and Anu M. Mitra
Arts, Creativities, and Learning Environments in Global Perspectives aims at investigating the encounters that can occur between the arts and creativities in various learning environments and cultural contexts. The series intends to explore the multiplicity of these approaches by presenting perspectives from diverse learning environments, not solely formal institutions like schools, universities, academies, and colleges, but also non-formal ones (cultural institutions, libraries, museums, theatres, orchestras, archives, organisations, and work-places) or informal ones (play and games, community projects, amateur art, and clubs). This means that a pluralistic view on the artS – indeed, plural – is being embraced by including artistic expressions from all genres and artistic encounters at all levels, including the arts-based, artist-led, arts-inspired, arts-integrated. We encourage contributions from all over the world, in order to challenge a well-established Western-centred understanding of creativity and art (singular). This series will strongly support global perspectives, cross-cultural studies, critical theories, creative dissemination and a broader re-framing of the role of the arts for learning and for society.
Tatiana Chemi, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Creativity and Educational Innovation at Aalborg University, Denmark. She has published monographs, chapters and many articles on artistic creativity and arts-based methods in educational practices and research. Anu M. Mitra, Ph.D., has worked at the Union Institute & University in various administrative and teaching capacities, most recently as faculty in the Graduate College of the University. She has also taught at Yale University, Antioch College, Empire State College, and Sichuan University in China. Her areas of scholarly research are design thinking; visual culture and leadership development; social justice theory and practice; and arts-based practices in organizational settings. Chunfang Zhou, Ph.D., is Associate Professor in Department of Planning, Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark. Chunfang has an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural educational background; and locates her research in the area of Science, Technology and Society (STS), with a particular focus on creativity and its relations to innovation process.
Series Editors:
Tatiana Chemi, Aalborg University
Chunfang Zhou, Aalborg University
Anu M. Mitra, Union Institute & University
You can contact the series editors: Tatiana Chemi, Anu M. Mitra, and/or Chunfang Zhouby sending a proposal. Only contributions that are coherent with the series aims and scopes will be considered for publication. We will prioritise original, creative and truly innovative perspectives. See more details here.