Acta Conventus Neo-Latini

Acta Conventus Neo-Latini is a peer-reviewed series offering a world-wide selection of articles on Neo-Latin language and literature (fiction as well as non-fiction), of relevance for all studies in Early Modern History. The contributions have been presented as papers at the conferences arranged every three years by the International Association for Neo-Latin Studies, and together they represent the current state of affairs in the discipline.

Editorial Board

General Editor: Astrid Steiner-Weber, University of Bonn

Editorial Board:
Donatella Coppini, University of Florence
Jean-François Cottier, University of Paris – Sorbonne
Elisabeth Klecker, University of Vienna
Jolanta Malinowska, Catholic University of Lublin
Carolina Ponce Hernández, University of Mexico
J. Manuel Rodríguez Peregrina, University of Granada
Claudia Schindler, University of Hamburg
Marjorie Curry Woods, University of Texas at Austin