African Social Studies Series

In this series Brill publishes monographs that illuminate issues of social change, broadly understood, in Africa south of the Sahara. Coherently edited volumes may also be considered. Brill invites original, empirical, work that makes an essential conceptual contribution to its field, and has a particular interest in work by younger scholars. Brill welcomes proposals from every branch of the social sciences and humanities that also appeal to a non-specialist audience. Studies of source materials for African history, African linguistics, and religion in Africa each have their own series and will not be included in this series. Wherever appropriate, authors are invited to suggest African publishers with whom their work might be published in partnership with Brill.
Preben Kaarsholm (Roskilde University)
Jeremy Prestholdt (UC San Diego)
Katja Werthmann (University of Leipzig)
Sociologists, historian, social scientists, economists, political scientists, anthropologists with a special interest in the African continent. Special focus on subsaharan and black African countries.