AIIB Yearbook of International Law

Editors: Peter Quayle and Xuan Gao
The AIIB Yearbook of International Law (AYIL) is an annual legal publication in furtherance of the purpose of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, namely to foster sustainable economic development, create wealth and improve infrastructure connectivity in Asia by investing in infrastructure and other productive sectors, together with promoting regional cooperation and partnership in addressing development challenges. In doing this, the AIIB’s Office of the General Counsel, responsible for the Yearbook, looks outwards and embraces the larger responsibilities that befall a modern organization owned primarily by states, substantially supported by public funds and with the potential to impact on the lives of many. Those responsibilities include the obligation to share what we learn, the successes we celebrate and the failures we suffer, so that others may benefit from that experience.
Because it is not only experience that informs knowledge, the AIIB will also wish to offer, for the critical consideration of others, new ways of thinking about difficult issues with which international organizations and the wider legal community must contend. Some of those issues will be recurrent, sometimes being seemingly intractable. Assuredly, as yet unknown challenges also lie ahead, about what role law does, can and ought to play in empowering and constraining international organizations and others in the pursuit of societal objectives.
The search for answers, in the international legal sphere as elsewhere, will always draw us forwards together. Through this Yearbook, the AIIB strives to make some modest contribution to legal knowledge and understanding, not only by drawing on its own experiences and insights, but by offering a platform for others to develop and rigorously test ideas on matters of common interest and for the AIIB to disseminate them. In this endeavor, we all stand to gain with the enlargement of public goods.
Peter Quayle is Chief Counsel, Corporate, at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and is a member of the management team of the Office of the General Counsel. He is formerly Associate Director, Senior Counsel of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Legal Advisor of the Office of Foreign Litigation, Civil Division European Office, of the US Department of Justice. He was educated at the Universities of Oxford and London and is a solicitor of England and Wales. He is Visiting Professor of International Organizations Law at Peking University Law School.

Xuan Gao is Chief Counsel, Institutional at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and is a member of the management team of the Office of the General Counsel. He has formerly served in various positions the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, INTERPOL and the People’s Bank of China. Dr Gao has published extensively on topics of public international law and international economic law with Oxford and Kluwer, among others. He has held various guest and visiting professorships including at Loyola University Chicago, Peking University and China University of Political Science and Law. He is also the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Manchester Journal of International Economic Law. Dr Gao received his Ph.D. and LL.M. from the University of Manchester and LL.B. from China University of Political Science and Law.
All international legal practitioners, academics and students interested in international organizations, international dispute resolution, and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in general.