Advances in Learning Environments Research

Series Editors: Barry J. Fraser and David B. Zandvliet
The historical beginnings of the field of learning environments go back approximately 40 years. A milestone in the development of this field was the establishment in 1984 of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Special Interest Group (SIG) on Learning Environments, which continues to thrive today as one of AERA’s most international and successful SIGs. A second milestone in the learning environments field was the birth in 1998 of Learning Environments Research: An International Journal (LER), which fills an important and unique niche.
The next logical step in the evolution of the field of learning environments is the initiation of this book series, Advances in Learning Environments Research, to complement the work of the AERA SIG and LER. This book series provides a forum for the publication of book-length manuscripts that enable topics to be covered at a depth and breadth not permitted within the scope of either a conference paper or a journal article.
The Advances in Learning Environments Research series is intended to be broad, covering either authored books or edited volumes, and either original research reports or reviews of bodies of past research. A diversity of theoretical frameworks and research methods, including use of multimethods, is encouraged. In addition to school and university learning environments, the scope of this book series encompasses lifelong learning environments, information technology learning environments, and various out-of-school ‘informal’ learning environments (museums, environmental centres, etc.).
Series Editors:
Barry J. Fraser, Curtin University, Australia
David B. Zandvliet, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Editorial Board:
Perry den Brok, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Bruce Johnson, University of Arizona, USA
Celia Johnson, Bradley University, USA
Rosalyn Anstine Templeton, Montana State University-Northern, USA
Educational researchers and their students