Australian Playwrights Online

Editor: Denise Varney
The aims of the series are i) to contribute to the interpretation, critical analysis, promotion, and wider understanding of Australian drama, theatre and performance in Australia and overseas; ii) to pursue a scholarly investigation through monographs which could include either an overview of a particular playwright, director or company and a critical analysis of his/her/its plays or performances or a study of a grouping in drama and theatre including writers for performance and theatre makers within a unifying framework; iii) to enliven, enrich and illustrate the study of drama, theatre and performance within Australia and overseas, especially for scholars, artists and students.
Each monograph provides an in-depth study aimed at furthering knowledge of Australian drama, theatre and performance and therefore Australian culture with reference to primary and secondary sources.

The series published two volumes over the last 5 years.
Series Editor: Denise Varney ( University of Melbourne)

Founded by Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt
Developed by Veronica Kelly and Peta Tait