Brill Handbooks on Contemporary Religion

Editors: James Lewis and Carole Cusack
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Over the past four decades, scholarship on contemporary religion has been expanding at an explosive rate. The aim of the Brill Handbooks on Contemporary Religion is to capture this development by publishing cutting-edge scholarship that simultaneously charts new directions for future research. The Handbooks will be international in scope, drawing on the expertise of scholars across the globe, bringing in contributors from a broad spectrum of different academic disciplines. Individual volumes will be devoted to areas of study that have generated substantial bodies of research (e.g., Western Esotericism), to common themes in the study of contemporary religions (e.g., Authority of Science, New Media), and to specific religious movements.

The series published an average of two volumes per year over the last 5 years.

Editorial Board

Olav Hammer, University of Southern Denmark

Charlotte Hardman, University of Durham

Titus Hjelm, University College London

Adam Possamai, University of Western Sydney

Inken Prohl, University of Heidelberg