Brill's Plato Studies Series

Brill’s Plato Studies Series aims to gather together the most recent and relevant contributions, in order to identify debates and trends within the study of Plato and to provide a holistic understanding of the wide range of issues related to Plato’s philosophy. Of special significance for the series will be the examination of Plato’s literary style and its relationship to his theoretical project as, perhaps, one of the central problems in the study of Plato and Ancient Philosophy as a whole. Even after two thousand years there is still no consensus about why Plato expresses his ideas in such a unique style and the series will aim to address this question. In addition, the Series will warmly welcome contributions focusing on internal and recurrent issues like the relation between myth and philosophy, language, epistemology and ontology in Plato’s work. Special attention will also be given to new interpretative challenges and recent hermeneutical trends, which have emerged from the globalization of current Platonic studies. These new approaches to Plato are likely to change the future frame of Platonic scholarship, providing instruments and renewed impulses for the generations of philosophers to come.
Beatriz Bossi (Madrid, Spain)
Luc Brisson (Paris, France)
Michael Erler (Würzburg, Germany)
Franco Ferrari (Salerno, Italy)
Maria do Céu Fialho (Coimbra, Portugal)
Mary-Louise Gill (Providence, USA)
Debra Nails (Michigan, USA)
Noburu Notomi (Tokyo, Japan)
Olivier Renaut (Paris, France)
Voula Tsouna (Santa Barbara, USA)