Brill Studies in Language Contact and the Dynamics of Language

Editor: Robert Nicolaï
This new peer-reviewed book series focuses on the study of language contact, language use and language change in accordance with a view of language contact whereby both empirical data (the precise description of languages and how they are used) and the resulting theoretical elaborations (hence the statement and analysis of new problems) become the primary engines for advancing our understanding of the nature of language and the dynamics of language change. This involves linguistic, anthropological, sociological, historical, and cognitive factors, but also a potentially critical approach to the methods used for the study of the phenomena. Such an approach makes a major new contribution to the understanding of language change and the dynamics of language at a time when there is a notable increase in interest and activity in this field and where a continual reshaping of theoretical approaches is apparent. This implies particular attention to the epistemological frameworks that reshape the requirements for knowledge in this field. The series will publish monographs as well as edited volumes and conference proceedings centered around a coherent theme.

Umberto Ansaldo (The University of Hong Kong); Peter Auer (University of Freiburg); Marianne Mithun (University of California, Santa Barbara); Patrick Seriot (University of Lausanne); Andrée Tabouret-Keller (University of Strasbourg)