Critical Approaches to Early Christianity

Editors-in-Chief: Chris de Wet and Wendy E. Mayer
Critical Approaches to Early Christianity publishes monographs and volumes of collected essays by scholars that exemplify the application of theories and approaches that are novel, interdisciplinary, or that disrupt or expand traditional ways of viewing the literature and thought of the early Christian world and its settings.
Wendy Mayer, Australian Lutheran College
Chris de Wet, University of South Africa

Editorial board:
Lisa Bailey, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Todd S. Berzon, Bowdoin College, USA
István Czachesz, University of Tromsø, Norway
Benjamin Dunning, Fordham University, USA
Lennart Lehmhaus, Freie Universität, Germany
Rubén Peretó Rivas, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina
Isabella Sandwell, University of Bristol, UK
Moulie Vidas, Princeton University, USA
Gilvan Ventura, Universidade Federal do Espirido Santo, Brazil