Cultures, Beliefs and Traditions: Medieval and Early Modern Peoples

Editor: Esther Cohen
Cultures, Beliefs and Traditions is a forum for an interdisciplinary sharing of insights into past popular experience in the European and European-related world, from late antiquity to the modern era.
It centers upon works dealing with the forms of popular religiosity, social norms, festive behaviour and everyday life, the formal transitions of themes between different levels and modes of expression, together with the important interrelations and shared experiences of Christian, Jewish and Moslem cultures.
It attends to a wide range of relevant phenomena - among them popular rituals and religion, art, music, material culture, and domestic space - covering studies based on a variety of approaches (historical anthropology, folklore and gender studies, literary analysis…) and integrative methods employing a combination of disciplines.
It contains monographs, text editions (with translation and commentary), collections of essays on defined themes, acta of conferences and works of reference.

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