Crime and City in History

The Crime and City in History series is a peer reviewed book series that aims to publish works contributing to our knowledge of crime and crime control in cities in the past. Continuing urbanization and the growing importance of cities in the world challenges scholars to explain and solve problems of urban crime, safety, and policing. Urban crime and disorder are not new phenomena, as throughout history, profound urban change has always brought about important problems and fears and has spurred attempts of city authorities to maintain order and control urban space. Historical study of crime and the city may help to gain insight into patterns of crime and disorder across urban space and time and how the urban population, local authorities and media responded to conflict, violence and law-breaking.

The immense use of the online proceedings of the Old Bailey – London’s central criminal court – by scholars and students clearly reflects the great interest in the history of crime and the importance of the urban context ( Crime and criminal justice are inextricably linked to urbanization, poverty, unemployment, social services, and inequality among the urban population. However, there is still a gap in studies that link crime and crime control to the specific social-economic fabric of a city and to the particular organization and uses of urban space.

The main objective of this exciting series is to fill in the gaps in academic publishing on crime and the urban context. The series provides a venue for scholarly work that advances our understanding of the history of crime and crime control in urban settings in any time period and any geographical region.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to either the series editors or the publisher at BRILL, Wendel Scholma.

Series Editors: Manon van der Heijden and Margo de Koster.

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Series Editors:
Manon van der Heijden, Leiden University
Margo de Koster, VU University Amsterdam/Free University of Brussels