Conceptual History and Chinese Linguistics

Conceptual History and Chinese Linguistics seeks to publish and inspire philologically based research in the form of monographs and edited volumes on conceptual history and cultural keywords in a broad sense. These are taken to refer not only to word history, but explicitly also to the history of guiding ideas and dominating conceptual schemes in any social, political, scientific, philosophical, cultural, or psychological context. Within the closely related fields of linguistics and conceptual history, the editors wish to encourage and publish original research on the asymmetric cultural flows and language contacts in and with East Asian cultures, languages and civilisations, in which China’s influence can hardly ever be overlooked.
In a comparative spirit, volumes can focus on any East Asian language or dialect. Original work on languages such as Japanese, Korean or Vietnamese will be particularly welcome. Chronologically, the series covers both pre-modern and modern themes.

The series published one volume over the last 5 years.