CEDLA Latin America Studies (CLAS)

The objective of the CEDLA Latin America Studies series (CLAS) is to publish the results of original research on Latin America in the field of the Social Sciences, understood in a broad sense to include History, Economics and Geography. CEDLA is an inter-university centre for research and documentation on Latin America located in Amsterdam. For titles up to volume 93 please visit the CEDLA website.

Editorial Board

Michiel Baud, CEDLA (General Editor) Barbara Hogenboom, CEDLA Editorial board: Anthony Bebbington, University of Manchester Anthony Bebbington, University of Manchester Edward F. Fischer, Vanderbilt University Anthony L. Hall, London School of Economics and Political Science Barbara Potthast, Universität zu Köln Eduardo Silva, University of Missouri at St. Louis Patricio Silva, Universiteit Leiden Rachel Sieder, University of London


The series is directed toward an academic readership, but also aims to reach a larger public of students and informed readers.