Critical New Literacies: The Praxis of English Language Teaching and Learning

Series Editors: Tarquam McKenna and Mark Vicars
As a praxis-based sequence these texts are specifically designed by the team of international scholars to engage in local in-country language pedagogy research. This exciting and innovative series will bring a dynamic contribution to the development of critical new literacies. With a focus on literacy teaching, research methods and critical pedagogy, the founding principle of the series is to investigate the practice of new literacies in English language learning and teaching, as negotiated with relevance to the localized educational context. It is being and working alongside people in the world that is at the core of the PELT viewpoint. The Praxis of English Language Teaching and Learning series will focus on inter-culturality and interdisciplinary qualitative inquiry and the dissemination of “non-colonised” research.
Series Editors:
Tarquam McKenna, Emeritus Professor, Victoria University, Australia
Mark Vicars, Victoria University, Australia
Educational researchers and their students