Contemporary Cinema

Editor: Ernest Mathijs
Contemporary Cinema is a series of edited volumes and single-authored texts focusing on the latest in film culture, theory, reception and interpretation. There is a concentration on films released in the past fifteen years, and the aim is to reflect important current issues while pointing to others that to date have not been given sufficient attention.

Projected themes and volumes:
- Contemporary cinema
- Contemporary authors
- Film festivals
- Film studies today
- Intertexuality
- Postmodern filmmaking
- Practices of adaptation
- New directions in film style and aesthetics
- New developments in film technology
- Nightmare Japan: contemporary Japanese horror cinema
- The contemporary horror film
- Gender / cinema
- Art / avant-garde / experimental / underground cinema
- Animation
Edited by:
Ernest Mathijs & Steven Jay Schneider

Editorial Advisory Board:
Martin Barker (University of Wales-Aberystwyth)
Wanda Bershen (founder, Red Diaper Productions)
Mark Betz (University of London, King's College)
David Bordwell (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Sean Cubitt (University of Waikato, New Zealand)
Roger Garcia (former Director, Hong Kong International Film Festival)
Joke Hermes (University of Amsterdam)
Jim Hillier (University of Reading)
Mark Jancovich (University of Nottingham)
Douglas Kellner (University of California-Los Angeles)
Soyoung Kim (Korean National University of Arts)
Amy Kronish (consultant in Jewish & Israeli Film)
Barney Oldfield (General Manager, Angelika Entertainment)
Murray Pomerance (independant scholar, Canada)
Michael Renov (University of Southern California)
David Schwartz (chief curator of Film: American Museum of the Moving Image)
M.M. Serra (Executive Director, Film-Makers Cooperative)
J. David Slocum (New York University)
Christina Stojanova (Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada)
Kristin Thompson (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Institutional support:
The Centre for Cinema Studies at the University of British Columbia