Chinese Research Perspectives on the Environment


Chinese Research Perspectives on the Environment is the new generation of The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Yearbooks: Environment. As with the CASS Yearbooks, the original versions of these volumes are published in China by Social Sciences Academic Press (SSAP) in cooperation with Friends of Nature, China’s premier environmental non-governmental organization, who are also the principal editors. The Chinese Research Perspectives volumes will no longer be strictly organized on an annual basis. Rather, the selection of contributions will cover developments in China of particular interest to a Western (non-Chinese speaking) audience and will occasionally differ from the Chinese-language yearbooks. The selection of contributions for the English-language series and the translations of those volumes are supervised by Western editorial boards. The volumes included in the series will continue to address urgent national and global environmental issues facing China and serve as a rare primary source in English for those interested in studying the development of civil society phenomena in China.