Critical Studies in German Idealism

Series Editor: Paul Cobben
This peer-reviewed series publishes volumes on the tradition of German Idealism in the broad sense. It is not only oriented to critical studies on the works of authors who belong to this tradition, but also to the later influence of these works. This means that the series pays attention both to the history of the reception of German Idealism, and to studies that provide in the systematic development of central themes that are formulated by this tradition.

The series published an average of 2,5 volumes per year over the last 5 years.
Series Editor: Paul G. Cobben, University of Amsterdam.
Advisory Board: Simon Critchley, Paul Cruysberghs, Rózsa Erzsébet, Garth Green, Vittorio Hösle, Francesca Menegoni, Martin Moors, Michael Quante, Ludwig Siep, Timo Slootweg, Klaus Vieweg