Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs

Editor-in-Chief: Ying-jeou Ma
The Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs commenced publication in 1981 under the auspices of the Chinese (Taiwan) Society of International Law. The Yearbook publishes on multi-disciplinary topics with a focus on international and comparative law issues regarding Taiwan, Mainland China and the Asia-Pacific region. As a peer-review publication, the Yearbook is one of the foremost publications in the world concentrating on legal and political issues of greater China.

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Ying-jeou Ma, former President of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
Associate Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor:
Chun-i Chen, National Chengchi University
Managing Editor :
Pasha L. Hsieh, Singapore Management University
Associate Managing Editor:
Pei-Lun Tsai, National Taiwan Ocean University
Editorial Advisory Board:
William P. Alford, Harvard Law School
C.V. Chen, National Chengchi University
Jerome A. Cohen, New York University
Jacques deLisle, University of Pennsylvania
Gerhard Hafner, University of Vienna
Bing Ling, University of Sydney
Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann, European University Institute
Torsen Stein, Saarland University
Stefan Talmon, University of Bonn

I-Hon Hsiao, Taiwan Taichung District Court
Julian G. Ku, Hofstra University
Chun-Liang Lai, Lai & Lai
Nigel N.T. Li, Soochow University
Yann-huei Song, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Kuan-hsiung Dustin Wang, National Taiwan Normal University

Associate Editors:
Marco Benatar, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea
Yen-Chiang Chang, Dalian Maritime University
Christopher Chen, Singapore Management University
Weitseng Chen, National University of Singapore
Yu-Jie Chen, University of Hong Kong
Yuka Fukunaga, Waseda University
Norman Ho, Peking University School of Transnational Law
Yoshimichi Ishikawa, University of Shizuoka
Chia-Yi Lee, National Chengchi University
Margaret K. Lewis, Seton Hall University
Ching-Fu Lin, National Tsing Hua University
Kun-Chin Lin, University of Cambridge
Scott Y. Lin, National Chengchi University
Han-Wei Liu, Monash University
Winnie Ma, Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei
Clara Portela, European Union Institute for Security Studies
Omar Ramon Serrano, Technical University of Munich
Bob Tseng, Thanlwin Legal, Myanmar
Timothy Webster, Western New England University
Ying Chieh Wu, Seoul National University

Assistant Editors:
Kai-Chih Chang, Tunghai University
Helen Hai-Ning Huang, Lee and Li
Bo-jiun Jing, King’s College London
Chieh Lo, Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei
Peter Tzeng, Foley Hoag LLP
Winston Yu-Tsang Wu, Soochow University

Questions can be directed to the Editorial Board at