The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Yearbooks: Legal Development

The China Legal Development Yearbook is the English version of the Chinese Rule of Law Blue Book (法制蓝皮书)edited by the Institute of Law at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and containing articles written by leading Chinese law and legal policy scholars and judges. The yearbook contains reports on law reform priorities, major legal policy debates and an account of legislation proposed and passed during the past year, and provides a valuable insight into contemporary debates in China about the substance, direction and priorities of legal reform.

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Editorial Board

Sarah Biddulph is Associate Director (China) of the Asian Law Centre at the University of Melbourne. Her work focuses on contemporary Chinese administrative law, criminal procedure, labor and comparative law. Her recent book examines the impact of legal reform on police administrative detention powers.
Albert Hung Yee Chen is Chan Professor in Constitutional Law at the University of Hong Kong. He was formerly Dean of the Law Faculty there. His research interests include Hong Kong, Chinese and Asian law, and legal and political philosophy.
Pitman Potter is a Professor of Law at UBC Law Faculty and Director of UBC’s Institute of Asian Research. Dr. Potter’s teaching and research are focused on PRC and Taiwan law and policy in the areas of foreign trade and investment, dispute resolution, intellectual property, contracts, business regulation, and human rights. Dr. Potter serves on the Editorial Boards of The China Quarterly, The Hong Kong Law Journal, China: An International Journal, and Pacific Affairs (chair).


All those interested in Chinese law, Chinese society, legal modernisation in China, and comparative law. Also an excellent primary source for analysis of public intellectual and policy discourse in China.