East Asian Buddhist Philosophy

This series aims to publish authoritative, innovative and informative studies on topics in East Asian Buddhist philosophy (broadly construed) from any period, including the modern period. It is devoted to publishing specialist monographs on influential texts, thinkers and philosophical topics; broad comparative studies (such as, but not limited to, Buddhist and Confucian comparative philosophical studies, East Asian and Indian comparative philosophical studies, and East Asian and Western comparative philosophical studies), as well as more specialist studies on topics in Buddhist logic, epistemology, metaphysics, ontology and ethics. East Asian Buddhist Philosophy welcomes studies of how Indian philosophical materials were adopted, adapted, modified, recontextualized, and developed in China, Japan and Korea; as well as studies dealing with Korean and Japanese philosophical texts written in Chinese script.
Eyal Aviv (George Washington University)
Jason Clower (State University of California, Chico)
John Jorgensen (La Trobe University)
Lin Chen-kuo (National Chengchi University)
Dan Lusthaus (Harvard University)
John Makeham (La Trobe University)
A. Charles Muller (Musashino University)
Michael Radich (University of Heidelberg)
Brook Ziporyn (University of Chicago)