European Forest Institute Research Reports

Editorial Board: Frits Mohren
The European Forest Institute (EFI) conducts forest research, compiles forest information and organises meetings on a European scale in order to promote the conservation and sustainable management of forests in Europe. EFI's mission is to promote, conduct and co-operate in research of forests, forestry and forest products at the pan-European level; and to make the results of the research known to all interested parties, notably in the areas of policy formulation and implementation.

European Forest Institute Research Reports are reports of final results of EFI projects. These reports are peer-reviewed by three external reviewers chosen by EFI's Scientific Advisory Board:
Prof. Dr Frits Mohren, The Netherlands, Chairman
Prof. E.P. Farrell, Ireland
Dr Eeva Hellström, Finland
Dr David Humphreys, United Kingdom
Ass. Prof. Dr Elena G. Kulikova, Russian Federation
Prof. Dr Jari Kuuluvainen, Finland
Prof. Davide Pettenella, Italy
Prof. Dr Hubert Sterba, Austria
Prof. Göran Ståhl, Sweden
Ass. Prof. Dr Margarida Tomé, Portugal

Information on Research Reports volume 1 to 7 can be found at EFI’s website:
Information on Research Reports volume 8 and higher can be obtained from Brill and EFI.