Explorations in Medieval Culture

Editor: Larissa Tracy
A peer-reviewed book series that provides a forum for investigations of aspects of the medieval world from a textual and cultural perspective, using an interdisciplinary approach. This series examines a varied range of social and cultural issues like language, identity, monstrosity, gender, race, religion, injustice, medical treatment, death, and grief through the whole medieval period, ca. 600–1500, including early modern and modern medievalisms and responses to the Middle Ages. Innovative and interesting cultural and intertextual studies from all geographical regions of the medieval world are welcome. The series will contain monographs, edited volumes, and critical editions and other works of reference.

This is a new series with an average of one volume per year.
Larissa Tracy, Ph.D. (2000) in Medieval Literature, Trinity College, Dublin, is Associate Professor of Medieval Literature at Longwood University. She has published extensively on medieval texts with a specific focus on torture and brutality, including Torture and Brutality in Medieval Literature (D.S. Brewer, 2012), Heads Will Roll with Jeff Massey (Brill, 2012), and Castration and Culture in the Middle Ages (D.S. Brewer, 2013).
General Editor
Larissa Tracy, Longwood University

Editorial Board
Tina Boyer, Wake Forest University
Emma Campbell, University of Warwick
Kelly DeVries, Loyola Maryland
David F. Johnson, Florida State University
Asa Simon Mittman, CSU, Chico
Thea Tomaini, USC, Los Angeles
Wendy Turner, Augusta University
David Wacks, University of Oregon
Renée Ward, University of Lincoln