Global Education in the 21st Century

Editor: Tasos Barkatsas
The Global Education in the 21st Century series will address contemporary cutting-edge teaching, learning and research issues from a global perspective. The series will present a modern focus on the debates surrounding current and significant educational issues, as well as the technological advances that impact on contemporary educational practices during a period of rapid social and technological changes.
Series Editor:
Tasos Barkatsas, RMIT University, Australia

Editorial Board:
Amanda Berry, Monash University, Australia
Anthony Clarke, University of British Columbia, Canada
Yuksel Dede, Gazi University, Turkey
Heather Fehring, RMIT University, Australia
Kathy Jordan, RMIT University, Australia
Peter Kelly, RMIT University, Australia
Huk Yuen Law, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Juanjo Mena, University of Salamanca, Spain
Wee Tiong Seah, University of Melbourne, Australia
Geoff Shacklock, RMIT University, Australia
Dianne Siemon, RMIT University, Australia
Robert Strathdee, Victoria University, Australia
Ngai Ying Wong, Education University of Hong Kong
Qiaoping Zhang, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Educational researchers and their students