Gaming Ecologies and Pedagogies Series

Gaming is a diverse practice that occurs across multiple platforms, devices, and settings and is ripe for deeper study. This series features work that explores the meaning making that occurs when learners design, observe and/or play digital and nondigital games in various contexts. In this way, the series highlights the nuances of the participatory ecologies that are essential to game play and that may inform practice and pedagogy.

We invite scholars to submit proposals that offer a unique or innovative understanding of gaming and meaning making. Books in this series may be conceptual, theoretical, and empirical and can be edited compilations, anthologies, single-authored, and co-authored texts. We invited interested authors to submit proposals relating to gaming ecologies and pedagogies to Hannah R. Gerber, or Sandra Schamroth Abrams.
Series Editors:
Hannah R. Gerber, Sam Houston State University
Sandra Schamroth Abrams, St. John’s University

Editorial Advisory Board:
Thomas Apperley, University of Melbourne
Julia Gillen, Lancaster University
Jayne Lammers, University of Rochester
Jason Lee, Pennsylvania State University
Alecia Magnifico, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
Guy Merchant, University of Sheffield
Michael Thomas, St. John’s University
Mark Vicars, Victoria University
Allen Webb, Western Michigan University
Bronwyn Williams, University of Louisville
Karen Wohlwend, Indiana University
Educational researchers and their students