Revolutionizing Urban Education

Hip Hop, Pedagogy, and Communities

This series consists of books written for all stakeholders in education including undergraduate and graduate students of education, teachers, parents, and the community at large. The volumes bridge research, theory, personal anecdotes and practice, and interrogates and provides recommendations for schools and communities, specifically in urban spaces. Books in this series focus on utilizing hip-hop as education to transform urban education and schools, and to introduce critical pedagogical ways to engage communities, and schools. Educators, students, community members, and academics are given opportunities to understand the essential nature of voice and activism. This work is necessary to transform schools and communities to better represent the young people they were built to serve.
Editorial Board
Series Editors
Christopher Emdin, Teachers College, USA
Edmund Adjapong, Seton Hall University, USA
Shirley R. Steinberg, University of Calgary, Canada

Editorial Board
Darren Chetty, University College of London, UK
Amil Cook, Visual Artist/Educator, Pittsburgh, USA
Michael Dando, University of Wisconsin, USA
Antonia Darder, Loyola Marymount University, USA
Hodari Davis, Teaching Artist, Oakland, USA
George Dei, Ontario Institute of Studies in Education, Canada
Henry Giroux, McMaster University, Canada
Reenah Golden, Teaching Artist, Rochester, USA
Awad Ibrahim, University of Ottawa, Canada
Timothy Jones, Free Style Artist/Public Speaker, District of Columbia, USA
Tina Kahn, Toronto School District Board, Canada
Gloria Ladson-Billings, University of Wisconsin, USA
Ian Levy, University of Massachusetts – Boston, USA
Bronwen Low, McGill University, Canada
Jamila Lyiscott, University of Massachusetts – Amherst, USA
Priya Parmar, Brooklyn College, USA
Emery Petchauer, Michigan State University, USA
Elaine Richardson, Ohio State University, USA
Courtney Rose, Teachers College, USA
Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, Teachers College, USA
Sam Seidel, Stanford University, USA
Vajra Watson, University of California – Davis, USA
Terri Watson, City College of New York, USA
Torie Weiston-Serdan, Claremont Graduate University, USA
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