The International Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education

This Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education, the first of its kind, addresses the learning of mathematics teachers at all levels of schooling to teach mathematics, and the provision of activity and programmes in which this learning can take place. It consists of four volumes.

Knowledge and Beliefs in Mathematics Teaching and Teaching Development, Peter Sullivan and Terry Wood (eds.)
This volume addresses the “what” of mathematics teacher education, meaning knowledge for mathematics teaching and teaching development and consideration of associated beliefs. As well as synthesizing research and practice over various dimensions of these issues, it offers advice on best practice for teacher educators, university decision makers, and those involved in systemic policy development on teacher education.
[paperback: 978-90-8790-541-5, hardback: 978-90-8790-542-2, ebook: 978-90-8790-543-9]

Tools and Processes in Mathematics Teacher Education, Dina Tirosh and Terry Wood (eds.)
This volume focuses on the “how” of mathematics teacher education. Authors share with the readers
their invaluable experience in employing different tools in mathematics teacher education. This accumulated experience will assist teacher educators, researchers in mathematics education and those involved in policy decisions on teacher education in making decisions about both the tools and the processes to be used for various purposes in mathematics teacher education.
[paperback: 978-90-8790-544-6, hardback: 978-90-8790-545-3, ebook: 978-90-8790-546-0]

Participants in Mathematics Teacher Education: Individuals, Teams, Communities and Networks, Konrad Krainer and Terry Wood (eds.)
This volume addresses the “who” question of mathematics teacher education. The authors focus on the various kinds of participants in mathematics teacher education, professional development and reform initiatives. The chapters deal with prospective and practising teachers as well as with teacher educators as learners, and with schools, districts and nations as learning systems.
[paperback: 978-90-8790-547-7, hardback: 978-90-8790-548-4, ebook: 978-90-8790-549-1]

The Mathematics Teacher Educator as a Developing Professional, Barbara Jaworski and Terry Wood (eds.)
This volume focuses on knowledge and roles of teacher educators working with teachers in teacher education processes and practices. In this respect it is unique. Chapter authors represent a community of teacher educators world wide who can speak from practical, professional and theoretical viewpoints about what it means to promote teacher education practice.
[paperback: 978-90-8790-550-7, hardback: 978-90-8790-551-4, ebook: 978-90-8790-552-1]
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