Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 3 Southeast Asia

Scholarly reference works on the histories and cultures of Southeast Asia.

Victor Lieberman is Raoul Wallenberg Distinguished University Professor of History & Professor of Asian and Comparative History at the University of Michigan. He is a historian of early modern Southeast Asia and Eurasia.

Robert Cribb is Professor at the Coral Bell School of Asia-Pacific Affairs, Australian National University. He held research positions at the Australian National University, the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, and the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, where he was also director for two years. His research interests focus mainly on Indonesia, though he has interests in other parts of Southeast Asia (especially Malaysia and Burma/Myanmar) and in Inner Asia. The themes of his research are mass violence and crime; national identity; environmental politics; and historical geography.

Vatthana Pholsena is Associate Professor at the Department of Southeast Asian Studies, National University of Singapore. She worked as a Research Fellow in the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS; National Centre for Scientific Research) for over a decade, based at the Institut d’Asie Orientale (Institute of East Asian Studies) in Lyon and at the Centre Asie du Sud-Est (Southeast Asia Centre) in Paris. Her research interests include: The Cold War (including the Vietnam War) in Laos and Thailand, ethnicity and citizenship, history and memory, oral history, and borderland histories.

Bradley Camp Davis is Associate Professor of History at Eastern Connecticut State University. His work crosses boundaries of geography and discipline, combining ethnographic research with archival sources to investigate the histories of communities in the uplands of the China-Southeast Asia borderlands. Since earning his Ph.D. from the University of Washington in 2008, Dr. Davis has held visiting appointments at Gonzaga University, l'Ecole-française d'extreme-orient, and the University of Paris. He is interested in Environmental History of Southeast Asia, History of Anthropology, and History of Animals.
Edited by Victor Lieberman, Robert Cribb, Vatthana Pholsena, and Bradley Camp Davis