International Humanitarian Law Series

Editor-in-Chief: Timothy L.H. McCormack
The International Humanitarian Law Series is a series of monographs and edited volumes which aims to promote scholarly analysis and discussion of both the theory and practice of the international legal regulation of armed conflict.
The series explores substantive issues of International Humanitarian Law including, - protection for victims of armed conflict and regulation of the means and methods of warfare; - questions of application of the various legal regimes for the conduct of armed conflict; - issues relating to the implementation of International Humanitarian Law obligations; - national and international approaches to the enforcement of the law; and - the interactions between International Humanitarian Law and other related areas of international law such as Human Rights, Refugee Law, Arms Control and Disarmament Law, and International Criminal Law.

Editorial Advisory Board: Professor Georges Abi-Saab, H.E. Judge George H. Aldrich, Madame Justice Louise Arbour, Professor Ove Bring, Professor John Dugard, Professor Dr. Horst Fischer, Dr. Hans-Peter Gasser, H.E. Judge Geza Herczegh, Professor Ruth Lapidoth, Professor Gabrielle Kirk McDonald, H.E. Judge Theodor Meron, Captain J. Ashley Roach, Professor Michael Schmitt, Professor Jiří Toman.