Nijhoff International Investment Law Series

The Nijhoff International Investment Law Series groups important, high-quality and original research in the field of international investment law. Although formally a part of international law generally, international investment law has become an independent field of research, crossing the boundaries between public international law, international commercial law, and domestic public law. The Series therefore covers international investment law in a relatively broad sense, including research on the substantive aspects of international investment law and the dispute settlement aspects, i.e., international investment arbitration. The Series also covers research on interactions between international investment law and other areas of international law and domestic law, both private and public, including international economic and trade law, general public international law, international commercial law and arbitration, international environmental law, human rights, or domestic constitutional and administrative law. It is open to doctrinal analysis as well as theoretical, conceptual, and interdisciplinary approaches to international investment law, including law and economics analysis, empirical analysis, historical analysis, political science analysis, or normative analysis. The Series will consider Works in, although not limited to, the following areas: • Standards of treatment • International investment arbitration • Regionalism in international investment law • Interaction between international investment law and domestic law • Private law approaches to international investment law and arbitration • Public law approaches to international investment law and arbitration • Compensation and reparation in international investment law • Responsibility and accountability of multinational corporations in international investment law • International investment law and sustainable development • Industry-specific or country-specific studies • Doctrinal, conceptual, and interdisciplinary approaches Proposals may be submitted to Publishin Director Marie Sheldon at The series published an average of one volume per year over the last 5 years.

Editorial Board

Professor Andrea K. Bjorklund, McGill University Dr. Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky, UNCTAD and Universidad Nacional de Rio Negro (Argentina) Dr. Chester Brown, University of Sydney Professor David Caron, Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College Dr. Patrick Dumberry, University of Ottawa Dr. Michael Ewing-Chow, National University of Singapore Professor Susan D. Franck, American University Professor Ursula Kriebaum, University of Vienna Professor Makane Mbengue, University of Geneva Professor Catherine A. Rogers, Penn State Law Professor Christian Tams, University of Glasgow Professor Andreas Ziegler, University of Lausanne