Innovation and Leadership in English Language Teaching

English is rapidly becoming the world’s lingua franca, a truly international language. Language program leadership and curriculum is a central aspect of the teaching of English as a vibrant and rapidly growing area of education worldwide. Management and curriculum in English language teaching operates within a rapidly changing, global environment with multiple and diverse expectations and clientele that require innovative approaches as well as strong and diverse leadership skills.
The aim of the series is to develop books on innovative curriculum in English language teaching with a focus on leadership in this expanding field. Topics for the series include program management, curriculum design, faculty development, program and faculty evaluation, and leadership in the teaching of English worldwide. The primary audiences are language program administrators, teachers and professors, and postgraduate students pursuing Masters and/or Doctoral degrees in Applied Linguistics or the Teaching of English as a Second/Foreign Language. Additional possible readers are educational administrators and those working in language education in primary or secondary schools. Titles in the series may be of interest as well to those working in language areas other than English, i.e. foreign language program administrators, teachers, and postgraduate students.
Dr. Martha C. Pennington is a widely published American professor and journal editor (Writing & Pedagogy) who has worked for many years in teacher education and English language at a number of universities in the United States, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom and who has significant experience in other parts of Europe as well as Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand. Professor Pennington has varied experience as a teacher, administrator, researcher, writer, and editor, and her publications include works on language program administration, program and faculty evaluation, faculty development, and innovation in English language teaching and curriculum.