Indigenous Languages of Russia


The goal of the series Indigenous Languages of Russia is to provide a modern up-to-date grammatical and lexical description of insufficiently described languages spoken in the territory of Russian Federation. The preferred type of description is a typological oriented approach which favours the functional perspective over a formal one.
The series, after a peer-review process, can accept reference grammars (based on all available data including previous studies and fieldwork data), language sketches or studies on particular aspects of grammar (for instance, on syntax, phonology, verb morphology, etc.). The volumes should not only include descriptions of grammar, but also give an impression/overview of the basic lexicon and contain short glossed texts.

This is a peer-reviewed series; the editors will work with authors to ensure high standards. For information on book proposals and publishing with Brill, please see the Resources for Authors pages.
Beáta Wagner-Nagy, Ph.D. (2000) University of Szeged (Hungary), is Professor of Finno-Ugric/Uralic studies at the University of Hamburg. She has published several articles and books on Samoyedic languages as well as linguistic typology.